Galvanising Plant

S.No. Infrastructure Description Of Equipment
1. Plot area 10000m2(Builtup area 1400m2)
2. Galvanising Bath 1 No.4000x800x1200mm having zinc capacity of 24 MT
3. Degreasing Tank 1 No.7000x800x1200mm

Galvanising Procedure

Operation Instruction
Degreasing All incoming raw material is degreased before pickling.
Pickling All material to be inspected after pickling to ensure proper cleaning. Any unacceptable material found is Re-pickled.Through rinsing is done to ensure that there are no traces of acid left on the material.
Pre-heating All traces of moisture to be removed from material before galvanizing, to prevent overheating resulting in the burning of flux coated.
Immersion Zinc Material is immersed into zinc bath slowly and at an angle to avoid splashing and similarly withdrawn zinc bath temperature is constantly monitored on electronic temperature indicator.
Quenching Water in Quenching bath is constantly recycled in order to maintain temperature.
Dichromating Supervisor ensure that 100% material is given Dichromate treatment
General Concentration of contents of all baths to be checked before commencement of work in each shift and corrective measures taken, if required. Records are maintained for review.
Prefluxing All material to be dipped for prefluxing after acid wash to get ready for pre heating.